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I have experience working with a variety of clients and issues including trauma, anxiety and depression, and grief and loss. I have also worked with people struggling with infertility, self esteem issues, marriage issues, postpartum adjustment and various life adjustment issues


Trauma is any experience of abuse including physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, physical injury, health issues, or exposure to anything that has threatened your feeling of safety or sense of self. It is crucial to note that it is not necessary for traumatic experiences to be considered "Extreme" in order for them to negatively impact your life. Divorce, moving, loss and life changes are also traumatic for many people.  Confronting your trauma therapeutically allows for your mind to process it correctly so that it will no longer impact your daily life. 

Anxiety and Depression 

Anxiety and Depression are extremely common mental health issues that are highly treatable with proper support. Depression symptoms include a lack of interest in activities that you once enjoyed, feeling discouraged, sad, hopeless, or helpless. Symptoms of anxiety may include panic attacks or psychosomatic reactions to stress such as stomach aches, head aches, or difficulty sleeping. Therapy will help you to develop coping skills and resources so that you can manage your mood rather than it controlling you. 

Grief and Bereavement 

While we often think of grief as the death of someone close to us, which is most definitely is, it is also losing a pet, a job, a marriage, a hope for a relationship that is lost, or a change in your sense of self due to an injury or shift in your life. Many of my clients express a desire to have someone to sit with them in their pain and help them maneuver the first months following a significant loss. Therapy can help you process your grief, feel supported (especially when everyone else seems to have moved forward) and adjust to the changes in your life. 

Life Adjustments 

We tend to under-estimate the impact that change can have on our lives. Life adjustments include but are not limited to: moving, ending or beginning a new relationships, beginning or graduating from collegecareer changes, marriage, divorce, infertility, and parenthood. Even positive changes such as getting married, buying your first home, getting promoted, or starting a family can lead to stress and overwhelm. Having therapeutic support during times of transition and change can help transform your perspective and feel comfortable quicker.