Trauma Therapist Podcast with Guy Mcpherson

Checkout my podcast interview with The Trauma Therapist Project to learn more about how my specialty in trauma came to be, what drives me, and how I help people heal. I share details about my own personal healing path and highlight the human capacity to endure. 

Trauma Informed Podcast with Jeffrey Friedman

Listen to my podcast interview with The Trauma Informed Podcast to learn more about me and my therapeutic style. Throughout the interview we discuss how therapy can help people process through traumatic experiences and feel better. 

Learn More About EMDR

Check out this public awareness film from EMDRIA for more details about EMDR therapy, how it works, and why it is so helpful for clients who have experienced trauma, grief and adverse life experiences. Hear stories directly from people who have experienced EMDR and find hope through their healing. 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma. EMDR is a set of standardized protocol that incorporates elements from many different treatment approaches. 




Welcome and thank you for listening to Project Authenticity, a podcast miniseries that I created about being real. In this podcast you will hear experience, strength and hope as I interview women like you, who have overcome difficulty and learned to accept themselves as they are. Because if they can, so can you! And remember, you are worthy and healing is possible. <3  

Lauren Brown Interview

Lauren Brown is a graphic designer from Long Beach, California, who focuses on brand development and website strategy. Her expertise lies in helping creative entrepreneurs create killer brands and websites that attract their dream clients, reflect their unique gifts, and highlight their personality. 

 In this interview Lauren gets real about mental health, therapy and healing. Her genuineness is beautifully weaved through the conversation, as she shares about some of her deepest struggles including growing up with alcoholism in her family and having twin brothers who have autistism. She is a true inspiration! 

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Instagram – Leftcoastcreativity

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Cheryl Muir Interview

Cheryl J. Muir is an author and entrepreneur based in the Lake District, England. Following an untraditional path from PR professional to business owner to novelist, Cheryl proves that anything is possible with enough grit, determination and self-belief.

Cheryl’s debut novel entered in Amazon’s Top 100 in its category with no team, no mainstream publisher and no marketing budget. Using the lessons she learned during her own journey, Cheryl teaches aspiring authors to create a personal brand, build a readership and gain confidence to make their book dream happen. Cheryl teaches these lessons through her courses and 1:1 programs.

In this interview Cheryl gets real about her untraditional path to becoming an author, her journey towards rewriting her life story, and her experience with healing self esteem and confidence issues.

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@cheryljmuir on all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr) 

Ashley Thomson Interview

Ashley Nicole Thomson, a Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, and founder of the virtual fitness studio, Her passion is to inspire, educate, and touch the lives of people in a way that makes achieving their fitness goals accessible and fun. Her holistic approach will help you live a lighter life mind, body, and soul. By combining fitness, nutrition, and self-care practices, she will help you shed excess weight, gain lean muscle, and smile more often. In addition to online sessions, you can work with Ashley in person in the North Palm Beach Area. She currently resides in Jupiter, Florida with her husband, and Boston Terrier, Dahlia.

In this interview Ashley gets real about body image and how she helps clients of all shapes and sizes love themselves and their bodies the way they are! 

Contact her: If you’d like to connect with her, her website is, her Instagram is and you can find her on Facebook as Ashley Nicole in Jupiter, Florida. 

Erika Sheffer Interview

Erika Sheffer has 8+ years of entrepreneurial experience in e-commerce, marketing, sales & small business. Erika has worked in marketing and branding for varied industries from the restaurant + hospitality industry, health & fitness industry, and collaborative PR work with recognized brands such as Bloomingdales, Cotton, Inc.,, Health Warrior, Urban Remedy, Schick Quattro, Soho Beach House, Plastics Make it Possible, VOGA Italia and many more. 

Erika specializes in helping entrepreneurs uncover their zone of genius and implement purposeful marketing strategies and sales funnels so they can work smarter, not harder. Erika mentors her clients in a holistic way through her signature program: Funnels Unleashed.

Erika lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband Kyle and their two rescue pitbulls, Olive and Mila. In her spare time she loves to do CrossFit, explore the city, hit up the nearest taco joint, and stay active with her family.

In this interview Erika gets real about her health, body image and so much more. She shares honestly about the struggles of being an entrepreneur including having to let go of worrying about what others think of her, even when those people are her bridesmaids. 


Instagram - @ErikaSheffer

Facebook – Erika Sheffer

Aliya Levinson Interview

Aliya Levinson is a Success Mindset Coach who helps female entrepreneurs go full throttle in their online business by breaking free from fear, aligning with their most authentic self and receiving crazy fulfillment from the inside out using her simple, 7-step process. 

Aliya is a Certified Professional Coach, Licensed Master of Social Work, and holds an MA in Writing. She's a blogger for Huffington Post, and has been a regular contributor for IMAGE Chicago Magazine. Aliya works with emerging female coaches in conquering hesitancy, overwhelm, and fear to successfully launch or up level their service-based business so they can love what they do and do what they love!  

In this interview, Aliya gets real about the work that she does and how she keeps it all together. She shares honestly about her passions and the importance of mindset

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Dena Hamilton Interview

Dena Marie Hamilton is a 31 year old, single mother to an adorable 4 year old boy. She resides in Ocala, FL and is originally from Detroit, Michigan. She is excited to be on the podcast and we have scheduled her interview to be especially done on the day marking her anniversary of 9 months clean and sober. 

In this interview Dena gets real about recovery, taking care of herself, and healing. She shares honestly about the loss of her son's father and other struggles she has had to overcome, all while being a single mom

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Stephanie Levenston Interview

Stephanie is an Intuitive Channel and Spiritual Guide/Coach who offers Individual and Group Readings via phone, Skype, or in-person. Stephanie has trained under the mentorship of Sally Baldwin and Sonia Choquette. Stephanie’s sessions have been described as “healing”, “magical”, “transformative”, “powerful”, “life-changing”, “affirming”, “peaceful”, and “compassionate”. Her clients highly recommend her to their friends and family. Stephanie’s warmth, humor, and compassion are three strengths that her clients highly value. She has the ability to put anyone at ease.  She takes the time to process and explain messages so her clients may fully understand and integrate the information they are receiving.

Stephanie’s messages are always of the highest vibration as she only tunes into the highest level of loving energy and guidance. 

In this interview she shares about her work experience as a healer, as it took many forms: from being a doula, lactation consultant, speech therapist, and intuitive channel. She gets real about how she brings forward messages of healing to her clients and how this gift helped her through the pain of her mother's dementia

Morgan Sutton Interview

Morgan Sutton is the Director of Operations at Susan B. Zimmerman Enterprise. With a Master’s in Engineering Management, she directs all business operations, logistics, and online automation systems for social media educator, Sue B. Zimmerman. Since the company’s start almost 5 years ago, she has been a core driver of the development of Sue B.’s popular brand and online education courses.

As a certified Ontraport consultant, Morgan helps small business owners bridge the gap between their business goals and the automation systems and online tools that can make them more efficient & effective everyday. Morgan shared her excitement for social media analytics and marketing systemization on the CreativeLive Stage in November 2014 in the course "Sell More with Instagram" and in 2015’s “Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channel’s”.

In this interview she gets real about growing up with divorced parents, having a long distance relationship as her partner is in the military, the realities of social media and so much more. 

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Instagram: @morganize_it