Have you ever noticed how different feelings and sensations may arise in certain yoga poses?

You may have been just going about your yoga class and then BAM....Feelings arise almost out of nowhere. But they really aren't out of nowhere, are they? They are rooted deep within your soul, held in your body waiting for you to acknowledge them.

 These feelings may have felt releasing, emotional, or even uncomfortable. Maybe you teared up? Maybe you released the pose sooner than others in an effort to flee the feelings?

But what if you lean in further? What if you were to hold the pose just a bit longer than comfortable? Or even much longer than you would like? You may feel something beautiful that has been waiting for your recognition. It may be emotionally painful and that is okay too. As long as you are physically in a safe position, yoga and breathing into a pose can be a useful tool of healing.

This experience is an example of exactly why yoga is so therapeutically powerful. It allows us to express ourselves in a different way. It's power is tremendous and often missed if you don't look closely.

I challenge you to give this experience a try. Next time you are in a yoga pose that brings up some deeper feelings, which you may experience as intense or deep, flow into it rather that away from it.

Stay tuned for some upcoming blog posts about specific poses that can be especially healing for releasing stress, trauma, and emotion.

Until next time,