Lately I have been working with more and more people who have experienced early childhood medical issues including hospitalizations and invasive medical procedures. Though they are now physically healed, they are left with wounds less visible. Internal wounds from the trauma of illness. Memories that haunt them and fears of doctors and medical intervention that stop them in their tracks. Often times this fear has hindered them from monitoring their health appropriately, leading them to avoid general check-ups, lab work, etc. to make sure that they are in good health.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) is an excellent healing modality for this type of trauma. EMDR uses bilateral stimulation to help the brain make sense of trauma that had been too much for it to process in the past. And to clarify trauma a bit more, trauma does not only occur from circumstances that we would often call extreme. It could result from an overnight stay in the hospital to have your stomach monitored with no actual invasive procedures or surgeries. Our brains interpret far more experiences as traumatic than we may think. So instead of minimizing your experience, validate it if you are feeling stuck from something in your life and know that EMDR can help.

Research highlights how effective EMDR is in trauma treatment, especially when someone can identify a specific stuck point. Often times, people with a history of health issues have pretty clear stuck point to work with, even if they do not see it right away themselves.

Many people describe feeling stuck like being in quick-sand and unable to move forward or like a mouse running on a wheel in the same circle over and over again. They find themselves going through the motions but not really making changes in their lives. In the same relationship patterns over and over again. Blocked by fear. Frozen by past experiences.

But there is a solution. One that uses your brain and neuroscience to help you feel better. I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. However, for many EMDR does fit in some way.

The work that I have done with my clients has allowed them to walk through fear, process the trauma that they have experienced, and no longer live with their past experiences dictating their present life. They don't have to stay fearful of doctors or medical procedures once they face their experience through EMDR. This is done by stimulating both sides of the brain to rewire and make sense of the experience, so that the pathways are cleared for new information.

Lately, I have come across more and more people who would benefit from trauma therapy and EMDR but have not heard of it before or really been educated about how tremendously healing it can be. So if you have questions please ask. I would love to spread knowledge of such a powerful modality.

If you have something that is making you feel stuck, consider EMDR as a modality for healing. Feel free to call me if you want to explore further together and set up your first session. I would love to empower you and help you work through traumatic experiences so that you can finally enjoy your life. You can call me today at (561) 251-9754 or email me at if that is more comfortable for you.

Looking forward to getting you unstuck!

Until next time,