We all have little children within us. Relating to that part of ourselves may be a new idea to you, especially since many people choose to grow up and try to forget as much about their childhood as possible. Many of my clients describe a feeling of being stuck and notice that they are repeating the same patterns over and over again like hamsters running around the same wheel with no avail. This is often linked to experiences in our childhood that have not been completely worked through.

But what if you challenge yourself to think differently? What if you approach the story of your life as just that, a story. With characters, heroes, villains, and plot twists. What if you could go back and rewrite the story? Would you?

So while we can’t time travel and change everything that we have been through, we can nurture the different characters in our play to help them grow up and evolve. This allows us to get unstuck and to rewrite the script so that the present and future story plays out differently.

To do this, I encourage you to take steps to explore your story further, get to know the leading character (you) and start to heal from the inside out.

  1. Write out in a list key experiences in your life that you feel have shaped you. Without judgement, allow yourself to free write as though you are writing a story that you are not attached to.
  2. Give yourself permission to explore the different feelings from the viewpoint of your lead character at those points in time. For example, how did it feel when you first experienced loss or feeling scared? Did someone comfort you? Were you told that big kids don’t cry?
  3. Go back into the story and rewrite it to be more how you would have hoped. Maybe your parents were supportive of your individuality? Maybe your teacher believed you when you told her that you were not safe at home?
  4. Practice acceptance. While we can’t change the past we can change how we feel about the past and how we allow the past to color our interpretation of the future. 
  5. Nurture yourself the way that you deserved. Explore what may have been lacking and bring it to yourself now. Hug yourself if that is what you needed more of when you were younger. Cry if you never felt you were allowed to before. Speak kindly to yourself as you wish others would have.

I suggest giving this activity a try any time you are feeling stuck or challenged. Jot it down some where and compare themes and shifts over time. 

Until next time,