Have you ever noticed how much of your life is made up in your head? How we attach meaning to experiences, tell ourselves stories, and make sense of our life through our own biased lenses? While some of us have quite the romantic story reel, others have toxic tales of hurt and abandon.

Often times it is harder to see our lives for what they are, in an objective manner, because we are too involved in the story. A helpful tool to get you out of this subjective analysis and into a more objective thinking pattern is to imagine your life in a petri dish or in a story book. What do you see? What if you changed the plot?

While the truth of the matter is that we can not go back in time and change our experiences or actions, we can change their meaning to us presently and in turn, affect the outcome in the future. So what does this mean for you? You are more in control than you think!

I encourage you to take some time and answer these questions as a jumping off point to recreating your story:

  1. If you were to look at your life in a Cliff’s Notes version, what would the summary be?
  2. Do you like the story line or would you rather change it?
  3. What role do you play? Are you the hero? Or the villain? Maybe the victim is more in line with your character?
  4. Who are the other key characters in your story?
  5. What would it look like if you change the story from this point forward?

Use this exercise any time you are feeling stuck in your life or noticing that your past is repeating itself. Because rather than remaining passive in our story, we can rise up, change the meaning, and choose to attach to a different story line.