Therapy is about you...

People seek therapy because they are hurting. Sometimes this pain stems from experiences such as physical, sexual or emotional abuse, neglect, illness, grief, loss, divorce, or anything else that threatened their concept of life. These experiences are all examples of trauma. 

I work specifically with people who are struggling with feeling stuck. I use a holistic approach to healing including EMDR, CBT, DBT inner child work, yoga therapy, and traditional talk therapy. 

Symptoms of trauma can be expressed as anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, eating disorders, addictions, and intimacy issues to name a few. Trauma is often the root cause of these symptoms. And it is okay if you don't currently see it that way, most people don't. Some of my clients come to me very clear about the trauma that they experienced and want to work through, while others have only a vague understanding of what trauma even is. Regardless of where you are in this continuum our work together can help you heal.

Let's get you out of pain so that you can be the best you there is.